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See what all the fuss is about, learn more about Ooohh Yeah Dog Care.

About Us

About OYDC

Working long hours or being out during the day can be daunting for your fur baby. With the implications of COVID-19 for us humans could be considered one of the hardest years to date… but for your furry friend, it was the best year of their life.

Fortunately for us, this hard time is over, but for our dogs; returning to work meant less time spent with their number 1 companion.

According to research about 20-40% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety. This can cause your dog to act destructive by barking, chewing or even escaping. So, to help diminish anxiety for your pooch, bring them down to ‘Ooohh Yeah Dog Care’.

Our staff and the other pooches will increase the level of socialization for your dog and in turn relieve that anxiety.

Rooftop Open Air Play Area
Lot's Of Time To Play With Friends
Lot's Of Love & Cuddles
Plenty Of Tasty Treats

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Welcome To The Family

Ooohh Yeah Dog Care isn’t just the premier service provider in Sydney, we are the biggest family of dog lovers around.

Seriously, if you think some people are crazy about dogs; You haven’t met us.

Anyhoo, see what it means to be part of the OYDC family.

OYDC, was built by Brooke & Jason, which might just be the most dog crazy people on earth. This energetic duo live and breathe dogs. When building OYDC they wanted to deliver a service like no other, and all you have to do is check out our reviews to see they did just that!

The age old question, what is my little friend thinking? Now while we can’t tell you we can read your doggies mind, we can happily say that everything from the design of our facility to the routine at daycare is all backed by science. Because we know your little friend deserves the best.

Sometimes our little friends can get a bit too mischievous for their own good, luckily our facility is equipped to make safety the #1 priority, with fun a very close second.

We are proud to say our facilities are the only in Sydney, with a rooftop open air play area for dogs, you can see this for yourself in our galley below.

Doggy Daycare, With Love!

Our biggest belief, is the difference is the people. OYDC is owned by a dog obsessed Australian family. We consider your dog an extension of our family.
We are confident to say this is what cements our place as the industry leader.
Our staff are all dog lovers, so you can be assured your pooch is getting the best. Because we truly believe your pooch deserves the best.


Walks and Play Time

Fresh water and food

Lots of love and snuggles

Important News!

OYDC Will Be Closed Until 8th January.

We Apologise For Any Inconvenience.

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Additional Services/Fees

Please Note *Prices are subject to change and should be used as a guide only*

  • Teeth brushing: $5 add-on to any bath service
  • Ear plucking: $15 add-on to any bath service
  • Dematting: $30 for 30 minutes
    Please note we generally do not dematt for more than 30 minutes to ensure the comfort of your dog. If you wish to avoid a shave-down and request dematting, this may be done at a rate of $30/30 minutes depending on our availability on the day
  • Flea treatment: $10
    Please note that we do not accept dogs that have live fleas present. However in the event that we find fleas on your dog during the bath, we will apply a flea rinse treatment for $10
  • Nail trim (included in all bath services) For nail trims as a standalone service: $20

Nail trims requiring 2 staff: $25

  • Aggressive dog charge: $20 additional fee for any dog that requires 2 staff to handle during any bath/groom service

Please note we reserve the right to refuse service if deemed unsafe to the groomer or dog. We reserve the right to charge for the work that is completed

  • Late pick-up: a 30 minute period will be given for you to pick up your dog at the completion of their bath/groom. Late pick-ups will incur a $1 per minute fee after the initial 30 minutes
  • Late arrival: after a 15 minute grace period, a late fee of $25 applies. We reserve the right to refuse service on the day for a late arrival as this impacts the rest of our scheduled bookings
  • Cancellation fee for bookings that are cancelled less than 24 hours of scheduled appointment: $25

Terms and Conditions

  • All dogs must arrive on a leash or in an enclosed carrier
  • Please toilet your dog(s) prior to your appointment
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to dogs with fleas, aggressive dogs or late arrivals
  • For matted coats, dog(s) may be dematted (at groomer’s discretion for a maximum of 30 minutes) or “shaved down” to remove the matts. Dematting will not be completed if it causes undue stress or pain.
  • We do not accept puppies who have not had their 3rd vaccinations
  • We do not accept pregnant dogs or dogs that have given birth in the past 14 weeks
  • Ooohh Yeah Dog Care must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment for any cancellations.
  • Pets are expected to be picked up within 30 minutes at the completion of their bath/groom.

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