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About Us

About OYDC

Working long hours or being out during the day can be daunting for your fur baby. With the implications of COVID-19 for us humans could be considered one of the hardest years to date… but for your furry friend, it was the best year of their life.

Fortunately for us, this hard time is over, but for our dogs; returning to work meant less time spent with their number 1 companion.

According to research about 20-40% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety. This can cause your dog to act destructive by barking, chewing or even escaping. So, to help diminish anxiety for your pooch, bring them down to ‘Ooohh Yeah Dog Care’.

Our staff and the other pooches will increase the level of socialization for your dog and in turn relieve that anxiety.

Rooftop Open Air Play Area
Lot's Of Time To Play With Friends
Lot's Of Love & Cuddles
Plenty Of Tasty Treats

OYDC Memberships

At OYDC We have two membership options full of benefits depending on the size of your furry little friend.

All Memberships come with the following benefits:


Save Big With Our Packages

10 Day Package (Small/Medium Dog)

Buy Now & Receive 1 Bonus Day


10 Day Package (Large Dog 25KG+)

Buy Now & Receive 1 Bonus Day


20 Day Package (Small/Medium Dog)

Buy Now & Receive 3 Bonus Days


20 Day Package (Large Dog 25KG+)

Buy Now & Receive 3 Bonus Days


Cancellation Policy for Membership Program:

We understand that circumstances may change, and you may need to cancel your membership with us. Please review our cancellation policy outlined below:

Minimum Commitment Period:

Upon joining our membership program, members are required to stay enrolled for a minimum of four weeks from the date of enrolment. This ensures a fair commitment period for both parties.

Re-enrolment within a period of 4 weeks after cancellation is not permitted.

Minimum Commitment period to utilize the free wash and blow dry sessions

In order to utilize the complimentary 5 wash and blow dry sessions, a minimum commitment of a 6-month stay is required. Failure to adhere to this commitment may result in charges for the washes beyond the allocated 5 free sessions per year.
Re-enrolment upon cancellation and subsequent re-enrolment, the count for the wash and blow dry sessions does not reset to 1; instead, it resumes from the point of the last utilized session until the anniversary date of initial enrolment each year.

Cancellation Process:

If you wish to cancel your membership after the initial four-week commitment period, please notify us in writing at least seven days before your next billing cycle. You can send your cancellation request via email to info@oydc.com.au or submit a written request in person at Ooohh Yeah Dog Care.

No Joining Fee:

There is no joining fee for our membership program. However, members who cancel before completing the four-week minimum commitment period will be charged a prorated fee equivalent to the standard non-member rate until the end of the four-week membership period.

Billing and Refunds:

Members will be billed automatically on a recurring basis according to their chosen membership plan. Cancellation requests received after the billing date for a given period will take effect from the following billing cycle. Refunds will not be issued for partial periods already billed.

Termination of Benefits:

Upon cancellation of your membership, you will immediately lose access to membership benefits, including discounts and complimentary services. Any unused benefits or credits will be forfeited upon cancellation.


Should you decide to re-join our membership program after cancelling, you will be subject to the current terms and conditions, including any updated pricing or benefits.


In exceptional circumstances, such as relocation or pet-related issues, we may consider waiving the minimum commitment period requirement. Please contact us directly to discuss your situation.

By enrolling in our membership program, you agree to adhere to the terms outlined in this cancellation policy. We strive to provide flexibility while ensuring fairness to all our members.

If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding our cancellation policy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Thank you for choosing Ooohh Yeah Dog Care for your Doggies needs.

Unleash the Fun: Premium Doggy Daycare Packages

Delight your furry friend with a day of excitement, socialization, and tail-wagging adventures! Our Doggy Daycare is the paw-fect getaway for your pup to enjoy while you’re busy. With experienced handlers, a variety of playful pals, and a safe, stimulating environment, we ensure your dog will have a Pawfect good time. Now offering seasonal packages that cater to your dog’s love for frolic and fun.

The 23-day package must be utilized within 6 months from the date of purchase.

The 11-day package must be utilized within 3 months from the date of purchase.

Please remember that these packages are designed to offer flexibility while ensuring that your furry friend can enjoy our services within a reasonable timeframe. 

Important News!

OYDC Will Be Closed Until 8th January.

We Apologise For Any Inconvenience.

Book Your Little Friend In For Grooming


Additional Services/Fees

Please Note *Prices are subject to change and should be used as a guide only*

  • Teeth brushing: $5 add-on to any bath service
  • Ear plucking: $15 add-on to any bath service
  • Dematting: $30 for 30 minutes
    Please note we generally do not dematt for more than 30 minutes to ensure the comfort of your dog. If you wish to avoid a shave-down and request dematting, this may be done at a rate of $30/30 minutes depending on our availability on the day
  • Flea treatment: $10
    Please note that we do not accept dogs that have live fleas present. However in the event that we find fleas on your dog during the bath, we will apply a flea rinse treatment for $10
  • Nail trim (included in all bath services) For nail trims as a standalone service: $20

Nail trims requiring 2 staff: $25

  • Aggressive dog charge: $20 additional fee for any dog that requires 2 staff to handle during any bath/groom service

Please note we reserve the right to refuse service if deemed unsafe to the groomer or dog. We reserve the right to charge for the work that is completed

  • Late pick-up: a 30 minute period will be given for you to pick up your dog at the completion of their bath/groom. Late pick-ups will incur a $1 per minute fee after the initial 30 minutes
  • Late arrival: after a 15 minute grace period, a late fee of $25 applies. We reserve the right to refuse service on the day for a late arrival as this impacts the rest of our scheduled bookings
  • Cancellation fee for bookings that are cancelled less than 24 hours of scheduled appointment: $25

Terms and Conditions

  • All dogs must arrive on a leash or in an enclosed carrier
  • Please toilet your dog(s) prior to your appointment
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to dogs with fleas, aggressive dogs or late arrivals
  • For matted coats, dog(s) may be dematted (at groomer’s discretion for a maximum of 30 minutes) or “shaved down” to remove the matts. Dematting will not be completed if it causes undue stress or pain.
  • We do not accept puppies who have not had their 3rd vaccinations
  • We do not accept pregnant dogs or dogs that have given birth in the past 14 weeks
  • Ooohh Yeah Dog Care must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment for any cancellations.
  • Pets are expected to be picked up within 30 minutes at the completion of their bath/groom.

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