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Discover Our Puppy Daycare Services: Unleashing Fun & Learning!

Is your furry little whirlwind filled with boundless energy and curious about the world around them? If so, Ooohh Yeah Dog Care’s puppy daycare services in Sydney may just have the pawfect solution!

We provide a safe, stimulating, and enriching environment for your precious pup to socialise, play, and learn valuable skills – all under the watchful eyes of our passionate and experienced dog care specialists.


Here’s everything you need to know about our dog daycare for puppies…

Why Choose Our Puppy Daycare in Sydney?

We know all too well that puppies are a handful (yet adorable) ball of fluff! But, they also require socialisation and early training to blossom into well-adjusted canine companions.

Here’s why we count ourselves among the very best at Ooohh Yeah Dog Care, when it comes to puppy daycare in Sydney:

Our dedicated daycare staff guarantee that your pup enjoys safe and supervised playtime with other puppies of similar size and temperament. Again, socialisation with other dogs is crucial for developing positive canine communication skills and building confidence.

We go way beyond just playtime! Our daycare programme incorporates age-appropriate activities that stimulate your pup’s mental and physical development. This can include things like obstacle courses, scent work, and basic obedience training (think “sit,” “stay,” and “don’t chew the furniture!”).

Accidents happen, especially with little puppies. Fortunately, our staff is experienced in positive reinforcement potty training techniques and will work alongside you to ensure your pup learns quickly.

We understand your pup’s safety is your top priority – which is why you’ll be pleased to learn that our daycare facility is designed with puppies in mind, featuring secure play areas, comfortable resting spaces, and a clean and hygienic environment in which they can thrive.

Expert Puppy Training Daycare Programmes

At Ooohh Yeah Dog Care, we firmly believe that puppyhood is the prime time for laying a strong foundation for good behaviour in their later years. As such, we offer a variety of puppy training daycare programmes tailored to your lovely pup’s specific needs and age range:


Does your pup seem a little timid around other dogs? Don’t worry! Our socialisation programme as part of our dog daycare for puppies helps shy pups overcome their anxieties and develop positive interactions with their furry friends.

Puppies love to chew – and sometimes that means your gorgeous, expensive furniture! The solution? Our puppy daycare programme incorporates chew toy training and redirection techniques to help your pup chew on the right things (goodbye, chewed-up slippers!).

We understand that life gets extremely busy; but that doesn’t mean your pup has to miss out on their basic obedience training – which is where we come in! Our basic obedience training puppy daycare programme introduces your pup to essential commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come,” giving you a head start on training your well-mannered best friend.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Daycare

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our puppy daycare services:

Our puppy daycare is specifically designed for puppies, taking into account their unique needs and developmental stages. This includes smaller play areas, and plenty of opportunities for supervised playtime and naps.

Our dedicated family of professional pooch lovers are passionate about dogs and go above and beyond to ensure their safety, comfort, and happiness at all times while under our rrrooof!

With our tailored approach, fun activities, and expert care, we provide a dog daycare experience that stands out from the pack.

Our puppy daycare programmes seamlessly integrate training exercises into playtime activities. This makes learning fun and engaging for your pup, while also laying the groundwork for positive behaviour.

We assess each dog’s temperament and carefully group them based on size, energy levels, and play style.

Our facility is also equipped with secure fencing, temperature control, and regular cleaning to provide a safe and hygienic environment.

Ooohh Yeah Dog Care is the top dog in puppy daycare in Sydney! Here’s why:

  • Experienced Staff: Our team is endlessly passionate about dogs and possess extensive experience working with puppies.
  • Positive Reinforcement: We focus on positive reinforcement training methods, thus ensuring a happy and stress-free environment for your pup.
  • Personalised Attention: We understand every pup is unique. Which is why we tailor our daycare experience to your puppy’s individual needs and temperament.
  • Daily Report Card: We’ll provide you with daily report cards detailing your pup’s day, including playtime activities, potty breaks, and any training progress, for your convenience.
  • Diverse Services: We offer so much more than puppy daycare in Sydney! Some of our other specialities include: dog grooming, dog washing, pick up & drop off services, and much more.

At Oooh Yeah Dog Care, our motto is: 


So, why not treat your furry family member to a fun, enriching, and educational experience at Ooohh Yeah Dog Care’s puppy daycare in Sydney?

Simply contact us today to schedule a free consultation and let the tail-wagging adventures begin!

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Additional Services/Fees

Please Note *Prices are subject to change and should be used as a guide only*

  • Teeth brushing: $5 add-on to any bath service
  • Ear plucking: $15 add-on to any bath service
  • Dematting: $30 for 30 minutes
    Please note we generally do not dematt for more than 30 minutes to ensure the comfort of your dog. If you wish to avoid a shave-down and request dematting, this may be done at a rate of $30/30 minutes depending on our availability on the day
  • Flea treatment: $10
    Please note that we do not accept dogs that have live fleas present. However in the event that we find fleas on your dog during the bath, we will apply a flea rinse treatment for $10
  • Nail trim (included in all bath services) For nail trims as a standalone service: $20

Nail trims requiring 2 staff: $25

  • Aggressive dog charge: $20 additional fee for any dog that requires 2 staff to handle during any bath/groom service

Please note we reserve the right to refuse service if deemed unsafe to the groomer or dog. We reserve the right to charge for the work that is completed

  • Late pick-up: a 30 minute period will be given for you to pick up your dog at the completion of their bath/groom. Late pick-ups will incur a $1 per minute fee after the initial 30 minutes
  • Late arrival: after a 15 minute grace period, a late fee of $25 applies. We reserve the right to refuse service on the day for a late arrival as this impacts the rest of our scheduled bookings
  • Cancellation fee for bookings that are cancelled less than 24 hours of scheduled appointment: $25

Terms and Conditions

  • All dogs must arrive on a leash or in an enclosed carrier
  • Please toilet your dog(s) prior to your appointment
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to dogs with fleas, aggressive dogs or late arrivals
  • For matted coats, dog(s) may be dematted (at groomer’s discretion for a maximum of 30 minutes) or “shaved down” to remove the matts. Dematting will not be completed if it causes undue stress or pain.
  • We do not accept puppies who have not had their 3rd vaccinations
  • We do not accept pregnant dogs or dogs that have given birth in the past 14 weeks
  • Ooohh Yeah Dog Care must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment for any cancellations.
  • Pets are expected to be picked up within 30 minutes at the completion of their bath/groom.

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